Thursday, March 12, 2009

Changes, Part Two

Another change we have made that has really helped things around our place is the completion of the play yard. Can I get a Hallelujah?
Since we live about thirty feet from a large pond, H and I agreed that I don't take the children outside by myself. It would be too frustrating and is rife with potential danger.
But, now that we have our play yard, the four of us can go outside whenever we want. And we love it. Most days we go outside in the morning and then again after their afternoon nap. This gives us a lot more time outdoors.
Most days we play in the play yard about 30 minutes and then take a wagon walk for about 30 minutes. Then in the afternoon we walk for 45-60 minutes with the jog stroller and then play in the play yard another half hour. That is most days that we are all four home.
The play yard has really been such an asset to our routine. When little ones get fussy, we quickly whisk ourselves outside. I am sorry we didn't have it sooner.
In the play yard we are working on jumping, kicking, throwing, and drawing with chalk. I am also really having to work with them on wearing hats and not eating chalk. (If you happened to go there, no, chalk does not digest.)
One of the words we hear most frequently from all three of them right now is "outside."
We hope you are enjoying time outdoors too.

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