Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monkey Do

Here are some photos of what Elliott has been up to lately.
When Grandpa and NanaLin were here, NanaLin commented about how my dad leaves his toothpicks all over the house. Well, apparently when they watched the babes while we were in Birmingham, he left a few around our house too and Elliott happened to find one.

Elliott loves to eat. Here he is bathing in eating his chicken and yellow rice. He loves to practice using his fork.

Elliott loves to sneak off and "play" on my computer. When he isn't making any noise, I know to come find him at my desk.
Elliott can now climb up into his high chair and car seat without any help from us. We did not teach him, he just up and climbed in one day. He loves to climb up in his high chair and just sit and watch what is going on.


Loving Landon said...

cute pics - that little e is a smart cookie

Mom/Grancy said...

Dear ones,
Can't believe that Elliott is big enough to climb into his high chair and car seat! Wow! They are growing up so very fast.
They're all still so cute and beautiful. I miss each of you very much!
Love and hugs and kissess, Grancy/Mom

GrandPa said...

Sorry about that....GUILTY AS CHARGED.....toothpicks are a necessity of love and milk...luall, G'Pa