Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Flowers

I love when the flowers start blooming out in the woods.
The wild honeysuckle is the prettiest, palest pink you can imagine.
Its sweet scent is so light that if you don't care to get close enough, you'll miss it.
The wild irises are short, two to three inches tall, and usually tucked up in the pine straw and leaves. Nannie and people her age call them flags.

I always first notice the Confederate jasmine when I see the small yellow trumpet-shaped blooms scattered over the dirt road. Then I look up and see the vines climbing all through the trees above me and wonder how I could have missed so much pretty yellow winding through the pines.
Purple and white ground flowers cover the pastures in a tide of watercolor.
The daffodils come up early with a promise of the warmth that is coming.
We hope your days are filled with beautiful spring flowers.

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