Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick Day

Mazie Bell is our most domestic child thus far. She loves to pick up her baby dolls and rock them. She'll lay them down and cover them up with a blanket and tell us to ssshhhhh so they can go to sleep.
Here are some photos of her "cooking." This is something she did on her own. The step stool happened to be there, and she climbed up and began concocting using cups and spoons.

She tastes her brew
then gives me a taste. It was delicious.
Mazie was sick one day this week. She ran a bit of a fever and did not feel well. So, Bubby and Sizzy (her names for Elliott and Lucia) went to school and Maze stayed home with me. We had a good day together.
We worked on using plates, utensils, and cups.
One of Mazie's current obsissions is her cousin Avery. She says "Avery, Avery" everyday. I've even had to give Mazie her own photo of Avery that she can carry around. So, while Mae Bell was home with me, we did a video chat with Tia Karen and Cousin Avery. Both Maze and Ave really enjoyed it, as did their mamas.


Loving Landon said...

Mazie is such a big helper! Even though you were both sick - it must have been nice to have a little one on one.

Mom/Grancy said...

Dear ones,
Certainly hope everyone is feeling better and is over allergies.
Did Avery tell Mazie or did Mazie tell Avery about the blankets for their babies?
Avery uses baby wipes for her blankets. However, it takes 2 for each of hers - known as "Baby" and "Doll." Doll is her Huggums. I've gotten her to say something for Huggums that doesn't quite sound like it, but she much prefers to call her "Doll."
With all my love, Grancy/Mom