Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lucia has lots of friends

Lucia has always loved her stuffed animals and loveys. She is our most social child and we think that has a lot to do with how attached she is to her animals and dolls. Right now in her crib she has a half dozen stuffed friends she sleeps with. In the morning she likes to bring several of them with her when we get her out of the crib.
Here is Lucia trying on one of my old nursing bras. Luckily for her, it didn't fit.


Loving Landon said...

Landon like her baby - and landon's mommy loves her curls!

Glad you guys are well.

Mom/Grancy said...

Dear ones,
So very glad to have all the new postings! I love all of them!
It's so nice to see that Lucia loves her Huggums - noticed that it was in her bed in one of the earlier pix.
I miss each one of you very much and am sorry that I have had to delay coming to see you because of getting sick.
I love each of you all the way to the moon and back, Grancy/Mom