Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow: Southern Style

This morning it snowed for about an hour--very exciting for our little town in the deep south. When we first noticed the snow falling, we quickly put hats and coats and shoes on the babes so they could go out and see the snow. Of course, our version of "quickly" takes a good fifteen minutes, and by that time the snow had stopped for a while.

Later in the morning when it started snowing again we wisked them out sans appropriate clothing so we wouldn't miss it this time. They did get to see their official first snowfall, but I don't think they noticed. I think they mostly just wanted to know why I was jumping up and down yelling "It's snowing" over and over.
While we didn't have any accumulation, it was wonderful to sit and drink coffee while the snow fell outside. We know one day we will build snowmen and make snow angels with the three; we just may have to travel seven hours to do it.


Loving Landon said...

seeing a first snow is fun! your side yard looks fun!

AMY said...

We will gladly trade you the snow for all the beauty you have down there any time you want!! Looks like they had a ball, regardless of the accumulation. It was 80 degrees here earlier this week and you had snow?? Must be global warming...that could possibly be a teachable moment (if they were a bit older, lol). love and miss you all!