Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to the Auburn Park

Keisel Park was one of my favorite places when I was living in the Auburn area. Even now, whenever we pass through town, I like to stop. It is great to let the children run around and get fresh air. Lately we've been picking up lunch and eating it at Keisel. After our picnic we walk around and see the fish pond, the garden, and all the pretty trees.

Here the girls are eating blueberries. "Yum City!"
Elliott was running around the garden paths. When he'd come to a junction, he'd say, "Which way should we go? Which way should we go?" Then he'd point one way and say, "That way," and off he'd go.
This basil makes me swoon with jealousy.
Below is a picture of the biggest sunflower I have ever seen.
A beautiful blue butterfly...
...that Elliott got to pet.
We had a great pit stop on our way to Grandma's. Lots of inspiration for this terrible gardener.


Todd and Randi said...

You must have forgotten that we live a mere 10 minutes from Kiesel Park. We would have loved to have met for a playdate.

Hope you all are well.

karen said...

so glad that last picture captures how hot and miserable i was :) i would love to go there in the spring sometime. thanks for taking us there. we had such a great time.

Amy said...

beautiful pics...Elliott is so cute running around the garden, and the girls...WOW!