Friday, August 20, 2010

Hair Garage*

Above is the before picture. Below is the after picture.

Elliott has gotten his first big boy haircut. We were all a little tentative, but thought it was time. And I must say, we all love it. He looks so much older, which has taken getting used to, but he also looks so darn cute.

Mazie and Lucia got their hairs trimmed up too.
After the garage we took the children to a jump and play place. They had a great time.
Mazie and Elliott liked the slide, Mazie particularly. She would have stayed all day on that slide. A girl a few years older than her helped her get up the stairs; they had fun together.

We also went to a fishing store and got the three life jackets. Lucia wanted to wear hers in the store.

* H's Grandaddy always called the beauty shop the hair garage.

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Loving Landon said...

We love his haircut. Is that the Bass Pro Shop? Landon loves visiting there!
Glad you are well!