Sunday, August 15, 2010

40-40 Vision

Have I mentioned I am about to turn 40? Yes, I'm knocking on the door. Ten months from today. 304 days from today I will be officially old as all get out.

Have you also noticed I like lists and goals and challenges?

Below is a list I created back in January. I wrote it all down one morning under the heading 40-40 vision. These are all things I'd like to get done either by the time I turn 40 years old or sometime that year.

1. Run a 5K
2. Run a 10K
*3. Run a Half marathon
4. Go to New Orleans
5. Sew a Skirt
6. Sew an Apron
7. Sew a Pillow
#8. Memorize 40 Poems
#9. Read Les Miserables
10. Sew a Dress for my Girls

11. Go to Oxford, Mississippi
12. Visit Lazy Magnolia Brewery
13. Take a Long Weekend Alone (3 Nights!)
14. Send Novel to Agents
15. Send Short Story to Literary Review
16. Listen to Live music at xx Theatre
17. Visit Flannery, Carson, or Eudora's Home
18. Plant Calla Lilies
*19. Hang Wallpaper
20. Eat raw, organic, or do a detox diet for one week

21. Learn Calligraphy
22. Read One Hundred Years of Solitude
23. Try 12 recipes from The Gift of Southern Cooking
24. Go to Helen Keller's home
#25. Plant a Lemon Trees
26. Read a Hemmingway
27. Read a Faulkner
28. Attend a Literary Conference
29. Eat at Float-Away
30. Go to an EmmyLou Harris concert

31. Eat Oysters in Appalachicola (may need to be amended)
#32. Learn 12+ Birds that live in our area
#33. Learn 12+ Trees that grow in our area
34. Teach a writing workshop
35. Go through Pioneer Woman's photography archives
36. Start Bee Hives
37. Watch last season of Six Feet Under
38. Be able to do 40 Push-Ups
39. Make Mole' Sauce
40. Make a Video of my children's first 4 years

#=ones I'm working on
*=ones I've done


Loving Landon said...

if you come here and need a dining companion for float away....just saying :)

Reckless said...

If you ran a marathon, you technically ran both a 5K and 10K. Just sayin.'

a gracious plenty said...

so funny that you both said just sayin' without seeing other comment.
just sayin'.