Friday, August 13, 2010


I don't feel like I'm really good at teaching, or encouraging, life skills in the children. I am frequently in a hurry or don't want to listen to them whine that they don't want to do something. Mazie is the most independent of the three. She likes to dress and undress herself. Elliott and Lucia not so much. I need to foster more independence in them in many ways: going to the bathroom (they will often say they need one of us to go with them, even though they don't need us to do anything), setting and clearing the table, getting dressed and undressed, and cleaning up.
One day this past week I had them practice skills like using tongs, pouring water, screwing lids on and off, and clipping clothes pins. As these things go, they enjoy activities more the more we do them. So, we'll be breaking out the jars, utensils, bowls, and objects every week or so. These skills are much easier to learn that putting on your shirt when it is time to leave for school. But, I'll make more of an effort to work on those skills too.

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AMY said...

You are the epitome of a perfect mother. You have given them more life skills and experiences than most see in a lifetime. They are perfect, even though they sometimes need a partner in the bathroom. Love and miss you all!