Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My sister and niece came to visit us for ten days the middle of August. Uncle Jon was able to come for half the time. GrandPa and NanaLin came for several days, too. The last four days of the visit, Karen and I went to "the big city" with the four youngins and saw some relatives. We had a wonderful time together. Here are a few of the things we enjoyed.

Climbing all over GrandPa.
Avery turned three a few weeks before their visit. Since we have yet to travel out west for one of her celebrations, we decided to celebrate Avery while she was with us. We had a Pink & Purple Party--her two favorite colors.

We got some caterpillars in hopes we could watch them morph while Avery was with us. The critters were anxious and already flapping around their net house when Avery arrived. So, we let them fly away not long after she arrived. I hope we didn't torment the pretty things too much.

We are still working on our "cool" look.
Our Atlanta hotel had a fun fountain that we visited everyday.
We ate Popsicles and watermelon to try to keep cool. Also, our good friends, the Js, let us come swim at their house several days.
We played with puzzles and bubbles and other fun three-year-old activities.
We made pancakes.
And, for the first time, we got our own "kid" table.

We miss you Avery and family and can't wait to be with you again.

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GrandPa said...

Thanks for letting be a part of their lives for
3 days at a time:)) All 4 are growing so fast
and all in "good" ways...they are amazing....
Sorry we are missing LEM's b'day party today:(
Love you all....NanaLin&GrandPa