Tuesday, August 31, 2010


While in Atlanta we went to the fountain at Centennial Park. It wasn't until we were leaving that we saw the sign that said you had to wear shoes and shirts (they must not have figured on folks like us coming, because they didn't feel the need to add pants and skirts).
Avery was the first to jump in. She had no hesitation what so ever. Then Mazie joined her. Elliott and Lucia waited quite a while before getting wet, Lucia being the last and most tentative. Once they were all in, they had a great time.

This is my favorite series of pictures: Avery waiting on the water...
..."Yay! Here is comes"...
Glee and Joy!

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The Sweetest Bean said...

looks like a blast. I'm a little jealous of the warm weather and your wonderful time in the big ATL. hope it was fun for all. miss you and your beautiful 3 and we are excited to see you soon! (p.s. love e's paul frank undies!)