Monday, March 17, 2008

Elliott & Rice

"Hhhmmmm, I am not sure about all this."

"It sure is runny."

"It keeps running down my chin."

"Don't take the spoon away."

"Give me that spoon. I'll do it myself."

"You don't do it fast enough. Just turn it up."

"Much better. The big gulp of rice cereal."

"That was delicious."

Our son is ready for solids. He lapped it up in a big way today. He finished his little bowl and then moved on to Mazie's. He was a little unsure, but loved the experience.

1 comment:

GrandPa said...

He is ready for a big ole steak.. amazing to see their milestones..
Thanks for doing a great job of sharing your kids' lives....they are precious...can't wait to see them...luall, g'pa