Saturday, March 1, 2008


Despite her ever runny nose, Lucia has been a happy camper this week. She loves to give you a big smile, showing off her precious dimple. Her favorite thing to do as of late is to hold her feet. For about two weeks she only knew that she had a left foot. She held on to it all the time. Then earlier this week--great joy--she discovered her right foot. She has also taken to tasting her sweet little toes. In these two photos below, I love the sock that she has flung up on her shoulder. She is a difficult one to keep socks on.

Now Lucia happily spends her time holding both feet and smiling at anyone and everyone. She has also mastered the rolling over skills that she couldn't be bothered with just a few weeks ago, and she consistently puts weight on her legs. Lucia is the only baby with any hair to speak of. She is a joy to be with.


mom/grancy (grancie) said...

hello to one and all,
lucia, ask your mom katie if she remembers liking the way her toes tasted, too.
love, grancy/mom

Amanda said...

yummy - feet - pretty soon you'll have to put a bow in her hair :)