Monday, March 17, 2008

Mazie & Rice

Today we began feeding the babies solids. Rice cereal to be specific. Wow. What a mess. We fed them in their bumbo seats. I had wanted to feed them outside, but H thought the additional element of the outdoors might be too much for them, and she is probably right. So, we laid down a towel and set up bumbo shop with their three ramekins of watery rice cereal and three plastic spoons.

Mazie was not too into it. She didn't last long. After about five minutes I had to move her to a swing. She did consume a bit of cereal but did not seem to enjoy the experience.

"Where's the butter and brown sugar?"

"I doubt you would have liked it either."


Loving Landon said...

you can thicken it up...we startd pretty thick and then made it runner after he got the hang of it.....

Todd and Randi said...

Listen at ya, using all them fancy words like "ram-e-kins." It's just a little bowl.

Love you all.