Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Plea to Saint Christopher

This weekend will be a big one for the five of us: We are going away for the weekend. I am rather nervous about how things will go, but, also, I am excited to see how things go. There is a joke (although it isn't very funny) in the world of multiples that trips are not called vacations, but relocations. Trust me, we are not relocating so we can rest or get a change in scenery. The reason we are relocating is to help celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday. I can't think of a better reason to get us out of town.

So, how do we go about this relocation? I have been collecting boxes for a while now. I am packing in boxes so they can be loaded into the car without much loss of space. We have also made a rule that if it doesn't fit into the "school bus" that we purchased to tote these youngin's around in, then we aren't bringing it. (An antiquated es-car-go capsule that attaches to the top of the car and a metal deer rack that attached to the hitch in the back were two options we considered.)

The weekend is supposed to be warm. We may have a little rain today for our travels, but after today it is supposed to be sunny and in the 70s all weekend. My grandma has not seen the babies yet so we are very excited for her to finally meet them. Our other thrill for the weekend is getting to see Karen, Jon, and Avery. We have not seen them since the babies were three and a half weeks old and Avery was twelve weeks old. Now they are six and nine months. We are so looking forward to some short but quality time with them.

I am sure we will learn a lot this weekend about travel with three six month olds. We hope y'all have an enjoyable weekend.

The photo is of H and my grandma at our Atlanta shower last July waiting for brunch at Pastries-a-Go-Go.

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