Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Week's Doings

The babies are still dealing with colds they seem to have found in Georgia. The babies are feeling about the same except the past two nights it has been cruddy Lucia waking me up several times during the middle of the night rather than Mazie. Mazie sounded a lot better throughout the night last night and was therefore able to stay asleep.

Other than this illness, I feel we have settled back into life on the pond. We donned our sun hats Tia Karen gave us and spent some time outside Thursday. I laid out a sheet and brought out toys and boppy pillows. The day was sunny and a little breezy. We played (more specifically, whined and fussed) outside for a solid twelve minutes. Not too shabby for a first time. Lucia is the photo up top, kicking back and enjoying the sun. The photo below is from the twelve minute mark.
Wednesday Lucia and Mazie smiled at one another for the first time. On Thursday H held Elliott down and put his face close to Lucia's; she reached out with both arms and hugged him.

They are doing just fine with the rice cereal. It is me who hates it. Well, I don't really hate it, maybe severely dislike is more accurate. I must admit I skipped solids on Wednesday and Thursday. I just didn't have the energy; I made the excuse that they weren't feeling well. Yesterday and today we have been back in the Bumbo saddles again.

I promise I won't be one of those annoying mothers who thinks her children do no wrong, but I am finding that so much of what is not successful at this juncture is user error. The rice cereal is an example of this. Today I fed Mazie. She did awful. So messy. Hardly ate any. Then I moved to Elliott. He was a mess as well. It was all over the place. Lastly, I tried Lucia. She did a great job. She kept most of the food in her mouth. She swallowed a good portion of it. I was thinking she was such the star. She even finished her bowl of rice. So, I thought I'd feed her some cereal that Elliott didn't eat. She did awful with it--too thin. She handled it just like Mazie and Elliott had. It seems food consistency really does play the largest role in our dining experience.

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