Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our Little E

We have no Wimpy White Boys in this family. Elliott continues to lead the way in physical development. He has rolled over first, taken steps first (while we hold out his hands), picked up objects like rattles and rubber ducks first. His favorite new thing to do is to scratch things with his fingers to feel their textures. Fabric is his favorite, but he also loves to feel our faces. He is beginning the move toward crawling--bending his knee for leverage or raising his bum to inch like a worm toward his desired object. He has also started grabbing onto his bumper pad to pull his face up so he can see what is going on outside his crib.

He has a smile that overtakes his whole face, and he freely gives it to whomever pays him attention. He is a happy baby, usually only fussing when he gets hungry; let him get hungry and he will loudly let you know.

Elliott is named for my father and H's father. While H's father has not been here for 20 years now, so many of his wonderful qualities live on in her: a few of which are patience, seeing the best in others, entrepreneurship, and unconditional love. I know many of these qualities will transfer to our precious son. My dad will be one of Elliott's most important male role models as he grows into a man. Some of the qualities my dad has that I hope Elliott will emulate are a strong work ethic, being a straight-shooter, maintaining long-term relationships with family and friends, and unconditional love.

As Elliott approaches half a year on this Earth he gives us more joy and happiness each day.

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GrandPa said...

He's a stud!!! You're a little too kind to his G'Pa...but "Thanks"... you are one special person and fantastic Mama....and a daughter that makes me very proud!!!!
Luall, G'Pa