Monday, March 10, 2008

Of geniuses and toofers

Mazie has a Fisher Price Rainforest mobile that has four butons: Rainforest sounds, Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. That third button, the red one, is Beethoven. Yesterday during their afternoon nap I was in our bedroom which adjoins their nursery. I heard "Ode to Joy" playing. I knew that I had a Bach CD in their player so I couldn't imagine where this lovely Beethoven piece was coming from. It is one of my very favorites, so at first I thought it was just playing in my head. But then I paid attention and decided I was definitely hearing Beethoven. About this time the music stopped. I walked into the nursery and this is what I saw. Mazie Bell in full control of her beloved mobile. She clearly had to push the red button to turn on the Beethoven serenade, and, to erase any doubt she thought I might have had about her abilities, she pushed the same button to make the music stop.

Before you email me imploring me to go ahead and get her tested for the gifted and talented program, know also she loves to sleep in the far corner of her crib. On more than one occasion she has woken herself (and me) up because when she tries to turn her head over she bangs her head into the base of her mobile. She will do this repeatedly until I pull her out into the middle of the crib. (Also, truth be known, I think she is using her head to hit the buttons on her mobile and not her hands. I can't be sure, but her forehead was right at the level of the red Beethoven button. This is still a feat for a six month old, but perhaps not as impressive as if she were using her pointer finger to make her selections. Please don't tell her Mama Bee, we'll let her believe the child really is a prodigy.)

Our other important event of the day is a pretty little tooth poking through the surface of our first born's pink, swollen, and tender gums. That's right. This first is not Elliott's to be had. Lovely Lu has sprung a tooth, bottom left. She also has one just below the surface next to it. Elliott also has one that I can see, but not feel. So, it seems we are entering the world of the little tic-tac teeth babies, where teeth are a pristine white, lasting until coffee and Cotes du Rhone enter their lives. I have no pictures of teeth to share as Lucia will barely let me see the tooth myself.

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Loving Landon said...

you should sign her up for gifted services her socks!