Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beach Pictures

Here are photos from our beach time at the beach. Our beach time is so much more enjoyable now that the three are older. I think it will continue to become more and more enjoyable. Dad, Linda, and I took the three to my favorite beach to walk one day before Karen and her family arrived. The time was wonderful barring Lucia's complete meltdown and my refusal to give in to her tyrannical demands (she wanted to be carried). It was painful, but at least the setting was gorgeous.

Elliott tormenting a heron.
Grandpa and Elliott in a pool.
Elliott chasing and tormenting more birds, sandpipers, I think.
Here is our little beach area that we love so much. It is across the street from the house we stay in. It is maintained by the city and there is never anyone else there. It is perfect. We leave our stuff there at night and just trounce back over during the day.

Building sand castles, their Bee's favorite beach activity.
Mazie: a happy beach bum.
Mazie and Avery kissing.

Elliott and Mazie getting just their hair wet.

Avery digging in the sand, her favorite activity.
Lucia and Mazie practicing their kicking.

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GrandPa said...

What a great time we had....thanks for the memories...love you all...