Sunday, October 18, 2009


We have had a good week: the humidity that usually suffocates us is gone, the leaves are twirling and dancing as they fall from the trees, we've lit the gas logs to warm us in the mornings, and we had two parades in less than a week. Fire prevention and Homecoming.
These first pictures are from the homecoming parade. It was a cool day, high in the mid 50s. I bundled the babes and made them some hot chocolate. They got lots of loot and had a good time.
They even got to see their Nana on a float. Her class was celebrating a reunion and they participated in the parade.
From an early age, Elliott has not liked loud sounds. He still doesn't. He will not come out of the car during the parade, though he watches very intently.
Here is Mazie with her buddy Brandon. Isn't this a study in opposites? This picture has given me the idea of making flash cards with pictures of opposites on them, pictures of things the three see in their daily life. I made some flashcards for my niece Avery last Hanukkah that had pictures of us and our life to match the words, words like tree, goat, cousin, aunt, house. Maybe I should work on some opposite cards. Mazie and Brandon would make the perfect "big, little" conparison.
Here we are at the Fire Prevention parade. H is on our town's voluteer fire department. She loves it and we are proud of her.
Here is Elliott, hiding from the noise but still instructing his sister to pass the candy.

H and Mazie picking up candy and watching the fire engines.
Elliott, hiding and watching.
The JBoys riding on the fire truck. They are good about giving us the loot. At supper the night after the homecoming parade, I asked the children what they most enjoyed about the parade. Lucia said the fire trucks. Elliott and Mazie both said the band. (Mazie says "banna" and Elliott says "ban.") In talking about the parades the three things they always mention are the fire engines, the band, and the candy. Elliott has even taken an interest to his drum since the parades. Thanks for checking in on us. We hope your life has been a lovely parade lately.

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