Monday, October 26, 2009

Junk Pile Road

We have landmarks around our place with names like the Woody house, the cattle pond, the cattle gap, rock ford. Today we took a hike down junk pile road. We enjoyed looking at flowers and mushrooms. The children were quite amazed to find a collection of broken doors and windows, a satellite dish, old barrels and boxes and bottles at the bottom of the hill.
I am in awe of how my children are growing up so fast. Mazie carried Mr. Mouse with her and I gave the children each a sucker from their parade loot. When Mazie and Lucia finished their sucker I took their paper sticks and put them in my pocket. I looked to Elliott to collect his stick but didn't see it. "Elliott, where is your sucker stick," I asked him. He looked up at me and said, "I put it in my pocket." When we have these little glimmers of conversation they make my breath catch in my chest. These tiny little beings are communicating with me like little children. It is something I am still getting used to.
I am so thankful for the days we have together. I just wish they didn't go so fast.

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AMY said...

The time is going by so fast and I'm not even there to enjoy these moments...btw, this is a dream environment for an elementary school teacher, so jealous! There aren't enough words out there to describe just how wonderful your children and miss you all!