Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peer Instruction

When our children were together H commented that if we just lived near each other we could pretty much cover it all. (Please hear knocking on wood before each statement.) Our children are good nappers. Avery goes down easily at night. Our children are not picky eaters. Avery is a well-mannered eater. Our children are good climbers. Avery is good at dressing herself.
Avery tried foods she normally wouldn't have. I think our three only threw one plate the entire ten days.
Avery got a good workout learning to climb all over furniture. Mazie now enjoys trying to put her shoes on. (See below: shoes on wrong feet and barely fastened.)
We loved watching the children together. While they did act their age, they very much enjoyed being together and learned from one another. We will count the days until we are all together again.

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