Monday, October 12, 2009

We Tube

We have a new favorite activity. When we were at the beach Uncle Jon gave me the great idea of showing the children short clips on youtube. One of the most exciting things we saw at the beach was a dolphin jumping completely out of the water. It was one of the neatest things I've ever seen. And the three got to see it too. We've now been home for several weeks and they still talk about the dolphins. Jon specifically told me about a clip that shows dolphins playing with bubbles. It is now something we do everyday. (Because I am so techno-slow, I can't figure out how to get two videos into one post. If you want to watch these dolphins, go to youtube and type in "dolphins play bubble rings." It lasts 1:07.)

The idea I like about youtube is that you can go look up just about anything. So, as we are learning about different things, we can go to the internet and watch a short video about the topic.

One of Avery Mae's favorite dolls is Abby Cadabby. We didn't know who Abby Cadabby was, but Avery seemed to love her. So, we also got on youtube and watched a little Abby Cadabby. I absolutely love this video where she sings the praises of having a big vocaubulary. To quote, "I may be justa little fairy, but I've got a big vocabulary." The children love it too. Thanks Avery Mae and Uncle Jon.

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