Monday, April 14, 2008

Back in the Country

Our time at the beach was good. It was nice to be off as a family. We stayed together the entire time. This means we didn't send one mama out on errands; anytime there was somewhere to go, we all went. And, it all went just fine.
Thursday, after our orthopedic appointment, we took the babies out to eat. We got to eat about a third of our meal before we headed out the door. My threshold for our babies causing noise in someone else's space is pretty low right now. Once two of the babies became fussy, we bolted. Then we took the babies on their first excursion to Target. They enjoyed the experience, looking around and taking in all the sights and sounds. I think the trip went well because not one of them asked if we would buy them something. We bought the babies sunglasses and bathing suits and a little blow-up pool. We were in the mood for some beach action, but the cool weather kept us at bay. We never made it, too windy and cool. We did take nice walks each day, visited with the neighbors and enjoyed our family time.

I will say this: You know you are toting around triplets at the beach when you don't end up at the beach and when you eat chicken for supper every night: no shrimp, oysters, or snapper for us this trip. (One of the things I periodically craved throughout my pregnancy was a half dozen on the half shell with a bloody mary.) But, we realized that more beach time, whether we actually make it to the beach or not, is a good idea.

Here is a photo of the girls (LM) playing in the cabin:
In annoying parental fashion, we did dress the babies in their new suits and sunglasses for a photo opportunity. Elliott shows off the sun hat his Mama Bee bought him at Target.

Elizabeth Lucia:

Elliott Kimbrough:

Mazie Bell:


Rap Report said...

those bathing suit pix are awesome! they were totally ready. hopefully they don't outgrow them before you get back to the beach when it's warm. they seem so tolerant of the sunglasses unlike cousin avery. seriously, i love those pictures. i miss my precious nieces and nephew. and avery misses her cousins too. xo

The Sweetest Bean said...

I can't stand it...those bathing beauties are freakin' adorable!

We can't wait to romp around on the beach with ya'll!