Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Worth More Than a Dollar

At seven months of age the babies have already earned and donated their first dollar.

On Saturday the babies worked their first job. Some of our friends, Mr. Wayne and Miss Pat and their daughter Bonnie, were featured in a commercial that will run throughout the state. They invited us to come and be a part of the day. The commercial is depicting them in their daily lives--work, home, fellowshipping with friends.

We arrived expecting to find about a dozen people with hand-held video cameras. What we found was a crew of forty who made us sign consent forms, had every imaginable type of camera rolling, paid us for our time (a dollar each), directed us where to stand, had shirts for some to change into (if they had advertising on the shirts they wore), brought brightly colored dishes to put food in (since I brought my hot sausage balls in a throw away tin pan, they transferred them to a bright red bowl--much more photogenic). A bluegrass band played great music and we ate lots of barbecue and chicken and other good dishes--all with a good half dozen cameras continually filming.

The babies did great handling all the people and commotion. I think they really enjoyed being outdoors and also listening to the music. They were very comfortable being handed around among the various people.

Then Sunday morning we all went to church where the babies tithed their dollars. They asked to spend them on candy, but we convinced them that donation was a better option for their first earned dollar.

The only bummer of the day was that I took our little point and shoot to document the day--without checking the battery. When I went to take the first photo (of Bonnie getting her hair and make-up done) the camera died. So, I am very sorry that there are no images to help describe the day.

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