Monday, April 7, 2008

More Photos

Here are a few more photos from this month's birthday celebration. My dad asked today "Why all the "nekkid" pictures?" When my sister came home from the hospital my dad would bring home a cupcake the 27th of every month to celebrate her birth. I always thought it was a neat idea, so I decided to do it with our three darlings. I think I just thought they should be naked for the photo opportunity because they are babies and I wanted to be able to note their development and changes better.

These cupcakes are my favorite to make. You should try them. The are The Joy of Cooking's Black Bottom cupcake, page 962. I think I've made them three or four times for the babies' seven birthdays. They are so moist and delicious and you don't have to lug out the big mixer. They just require a whisk and a spatula. And, the beauty of it is--if I leave out the big dollop of cream cheese with chocolate chips that is supposed to be plopped down in the middle before baking--these cupcakes are both dairy- and soy-free. (Yes, they are already all gone.) But when you make them, you should definitely not skip the big dollop of cream cheese and chocolate chips. It would make me happy to know you could enjoy them fully.

Lucia and Pink Pearl:

Elliott and Big Blue Harry:

Mazie and Little Ribbit:

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