Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seven Month Weights

The babes were weighed for their last RSV shot of the season. They will start back in October for the second season of shots. Their weight gain has slowed down, but that is expected.

Lucia weighed 14# 6 ounces
a gain of 5 ounces

Elliott weighed 16# 4 ounces
a gain of 10 ounces

Mazie weighed 13# 2 ounces
a gain of 13 ounces

We were glad to see Mazie adding on a decent amount of ounces.

Tomorrow we take the babies back to the pediatric orthopedist. We saw him when they were a month old so he could look at their "hip clicks". At that appointment he told us "Hip click is what they say so I can meet your babies." While there was nothing to worry about then, he did want to follow up after they turned six months to make sure they were developing properly.

After our appointment tomorrow we will head on to the Gulf for a long weekend--just the five of us. We are very excited to be getting away. The weather is supposed to be good. It isn't Spring Break, so hopefully it won't be too crowded. We plan to take the babies to the beach. Hopefully we will get there. If not, I am sure we will just enjoy having a change of scenery.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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