Friday, April 18, 2008

This Week's Doings

We had a good week. We took a walk every day except today. Yesterday I took the babies outside and let them play on a blanket while I did a little yard work. They last a little longer each time we do this. We also played, exercised, and read each day. We opened the front door during the day to enjoy the spring air.

The babies are beginning to annoy one another at times. When we went to Georgia the middle of March, we had our first toy stealing. Lucia was playing with a silver rattle that Grandpa and NanaLin had given them. Lucia was shaking it, as babies tend to do with rattles, and Elliott was transfixed. He had to have it. He pulled himself over and wrestled it out of her hand. I don't think she really understood what happened.

Since then he has decided that all toys are under his domain and he can take what he wishes. This doesn't always happen, but usually occurs a couple times a day. I try to let the babies play on the floor together without me for some time during each day; here is a picture of that:

I need to clarify about Elliott's crawling. He has taken a few "steps" of crawling and is right on the cusp, but crawling is not the means by which he travels. He is still pulling himself around by his hands. Lucia is content to stay in one place; Mazie is beginning to pull herself around by her hands. The days of stationary play are beginning to draw to an end; it frightens me.

Today I fed the babies avocado. They didn't love it. I am just guessing, but I think they found the texture odd. The babies had gotten less messy with the carrots, but, as you can see below, the avocado created quite the little disaster.

Lucia, spitting out avocado:

Elliott, tentatively taking a taste:
Mazie, face #1:

Face #2:

Face #3: (see her cute little spring chicken hair-do?)
Face #4: smiling, after throwing up the avocado

Between the three of them, I only fed them a fourth of an avocado, however, it looks like they each played with an extra large serving of guacamole. I don't know if any avocado actually ended up in their bellies.

One thing they are really starting to enjoy is the hand-held shower head I use to rinse them off. They love for me to spray their bellies while they touch the water stream with their hands. Here is Elliott studying the water spray with his hands and foot.

Here is a photo of Lucia napping with Pink Pearl. For the longest time we kept all loveys out of their cribs. We have just started letting them nap with these stuffed animals and their loveys. We don't let them sleep with blankets; we take them out of the crib as soon as they are asleep.

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