Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Seven

Happy happy birthday babies. Seven months old. Time is moving so fast. It seems you three have grown several months worth just over the past month. You are getting more and more active. You are interacting much more. We love to sit and watch you all babble at each other; we wonder what you are emphatically saying that could be so interesting. Each of you is a joy to watch grow.

Lucia's hobbies are still squealing and smiling. She spends large chunks of her day in gleeful exclamation. She never fails to reciprocate a smile. She also loves to eat. She is my champion breastfeeder and doesn't waste any of her solid food.

Elliott seems to have doubled in size the past month. His feet are gigantic. He is also getting active. We have to catch him in a snuggle mood to hold him for a few minutes. More times than not he wants to get down or climb up over your shoulder. He is officially crawling as of the sixth, but has been mobile for a couple of weeks, pulling himself around by his hands.

Mazie loves to slap things. It is the noise I think she loves best about it. The floor is her favorite thing to slap, but she also enjoys slapping her bottle, leg, and mattress. While her moods still change more frequently than the other two, I feel she is becoming a more content baby. She seems to be enjoying things more. Several people who have met her lately have said that she is very observant. She watches and takes things in, especially new situations.

All three of the babies enjoy being read to. If I am reading to one baby, the other two often will turn to listen and look at the pages. Also, the babies are beginning to acknowledge the animals. They have begun petting the cats. They mostly just watch the dogs, but a few times they have gotten tickled by watching Molasses. Mo won't do anything other than be a dog, and still they laugh at her.

So far only Lucia and Elliott have teeth, two each. But Mazie is drooling like a banchie so we think she is steadily working up to it. I asked Lucia to show me her teeth:

Their hair continues to come in. Lucia has the thickest hair. It is both brown and blond, in between her brother's and sister's colors. Elliott's is very blond and seems it will be straight. Mazie's is the darkest and while we once thought her hair was going to be curly, it is very straight at the moment--standing straight up on her head. It is still hard to tell, but it looks like both the girls have widow's peaks.

This month we took the babies' pictures with their favorite stuffed animals. The animals were given to the babies by the McCauslands soon after their birth, and they have been their favorites from day one.

Lucia's animal, Pink Pearl, is an elephant.

Elliott's animal is named Big Blue Harry and is a hippopotamus.

Mazie's frog is named Little Ribbit.

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