Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Hospital

I don't think I have posted about the hospital where our babies were born. It is the Women and Children's hospital for our area. We loved our stay. I can get emotional still when I think of our hospital. This is the place where we felt so comfortable; these are the people to whom we entrusted the care of our babies. Every layer of care at this hospital is great. H and I said several times that the people who worked here seemed as if they really enjoyed coming to work. The ladies who cleaned our room were thorough and personable, actually, a lot of fun. The lady who came to check my vitals every few hours got to know us well. I habitually ate ice while I stayed in the hospital; of course, this would throw off my temperature readings. So, she would chide me and threaten me that I best not eat ice for 20 minutes so she could come back and get an accurate reading. She and I enjoyed picking on one another.

Of course we had the best doctors taking care of us. Our perinatologist gave us excellent care. She was very kind and always very thorough and realistic and forthright. When I would ask her questions where I was fishing for hope of a great outcome, she never caved and gave us empty promises, she always gave us kind realism. I also felt that she trusted me to do what she instructed me to, and I appreciated this consideration. When we first saw our peri she told us that she didn't do surgeries anymore and that our Ob-Gyn would do the surgery. We were excited when she became part of our delivery team and part of the wonderful day that brought our babies into the world. The photo below is of our peri and ob scrubbing in for the section.

Our ob-gyn has a social personality, and her care was also top of the line. She was very cautious. She patiently answered our multitude of questions. She was quick to hospitalize me when my blood pressure crept too far up. She is regarded as an excellent surgeon, and I am evidence of that.

One of H's friends from high school works at our hospital. Casey was so good to us while we were there. She checked in on us everyday and made sure we didn't have any needs. She used to work in Labor and Delivery, but now does research for the hospital. The photo below is of H and Casey.
Both of our doctors had wonderful staff. Shovella, a nurse at the OB clinic, always made us feel like she was glad we were there, despite how crazy busy her day might be going. Our Peri's nurses who we worked with were Debbie and Joyce. Joyce is very sweet and always took her time with us. Debbie is very kind too, but always made sure I knew what I needed to do to take care of the babies in my belly. Debbie is a seasoned nurse and with her you are in excellent hands. The two offices share a team of sonographers, and they were all good. It seems we had Robin for at least half of our plethora of ultrasounds. She was lots of fun and never rushed through an ultrasound. She explained things to us and showed us lots of our babies' features. Our confidence in the hospital's staff never wavered. We are thankful for each of them who helped to bring our babies here safely.

One of the things I love most about our hospital is that it is the hospital for this area that cares for the indigent and uninsured. H and I are so thankful that we are able to afford health insurance for the babies. It is not cheap to insure the five of us and very understandable why some cannot afford to insure their families. Everyone deserves excellent medical attention, especially the tiny babies this hospital so expertly cares for. I am so glad that the doctors, nurses, sonographers and all who cared for us, choose to give that same expertise and attention to everyone. Every mother should feel the care of her babies is in the best possible hands. And at Children's and Women's, we did.

I forgot to mention when I posted about our trip to the beach that the best thing about our Target experience was running into our perinatologist. We were so excited for her to be able to see the babies. She was very sweet and glad to see them. We told her we would bring them by sometime for her staff to see them. So, when I had an OB appointment Thursday we decided to take the babies to the hospital campus. We had a picnic lunch in the park with Casey. We parked at the High-Risk clinic so that we could see Joyce, Debbie, and Robin. Our OB and Shovella got to see the babies after my appointment.

Here is Robin with Mazie. She is the sonographer who told us what a pretty heart Mazie had and got such clear pictures of her four chambers. When I taught school, it was so neat to have old students come by to say hello. I can't imagine how neat and interesting it must be to spend so much time with these little beings before they are babies and then get to see them as little people. Mazie loved getting to meet her favorite sonographer.
This photo is of Joyce with Elliott. Elliott sometimes has stranger anxiety, and he usually is too busy to snuggle, but he clung to Joyce like she was the only person in the world he wanted to see. He kept her shirt tightly grasped in his fist like he didn't ever want her to put him down.
We had a great day seeing these wonderful people who we appreciate so much.


Rap Report said...

so i don't know your babies that well due to the limited time i have spent with them, but i do know enough for that picture of elliott with joyce to make me cry. so sweet!! thanks for sharing about all that. you were so fortunate to have received such great care and you were an ideal patient as well.
i remember you telling me that story of mazie and her pretty heart when it happened. they have come so far from the little beans they once were!!
love y'all.

mom/grancy (grancie) said...

dear k,

i really enjoyed this entry in your blog. you are right about all the people working at the hospital. each and every one was so friendly, kind, and helpful - and even willing to answer questions from the mom of the expectant mother. i was really impressed with all the care you and the triplets got and with all the people who did all the caring and work.

they were also good about keeping you fed well and on time with all your meals and snacks. your blood sugar counts and blood pressure numbers proved what a good job they did, getting your numbers under control.

i had been a little concerned about what the hospital would be like, since mobile is such a relatively small city. after being there and seeing all of it and all the wonderful people, i needn't have worried at all. what a great place for the triplets to start their lives!

one thing i found endearing and funny was how almost everyone at the hospital knew about you and the triplets. whenever i would proudly say i was the mother of the one expecting or who had had the triplets, they knew about you and would ask about you and the triplets. it showed how caring even the non-high risk pregnancy employees were - as well as how seldom triplets must be born there.

i know you did a great job of taking care of yourself and the babies all through your pregnancy. the proof is in the pudding when we see how great they have done from birth to now. your doctors must have also given you wonderful ideas and instruction, as well.

being with you and seeing the triplets for the first time at the hospital and seeing everything and all the caretakers and workers was so special - one of the highlights of my life.

i am SO PROUD of you and h and the triplets and how well all of you are doing. God has given us so many miracles over the last 1 1/2 years or so - and He continues the miracles. we have very much to be thankful for.

all my love to all 5 of you, mom/grancy