Friday, April 4, 2008

Week's Recap

We have had a good week. We are definitely back to ourselves after the bout with colds. Our schedule is flowing. I feel like we are again in sync. We have been enjoying evening walks. I can no longer push the in-line stroller on these dirt roads. Either the babies are too heavy or the jarring has messed up the alignment or something about the stroller. It is a bear to push. So, I am now using a double Jeep umbrella stroller and the Baby Bjorn. I am enjoying this traveling combination and think it will suit us fine until we get a serious off-roading triplet stroller.

On our walk Wednesday we took some vegetable scraps to the chickens at the barn. As soon as the babies and I got to the barn, it started to rain. We lingered about twenty minutes at the barn. Lucia got to pet H's horse One Gun. They got to watch the chickens peck around. Finally, I decided we were just going to have to brave the elements and head home. It was a warm afternoon with a steady but soft fall of rain. I think they enjoyed their first rain shower. And, they didn't melt.

Mazie played an April Fool's joke on us this week. The babies usually awaken around 6:30 each morning. H will go make bottles while I change diapers, or vice versa. Wednesday morning I was changing diapers. When I rolled Mazie onto her back I could see that she had soiled herself pretty well. There was also the worst stench of urine I have ever smelled. When I opened up her diaper, she had what looked like crystallized, gelatinous urine. I know those adjective contradict each other, but that is the best way I can describe it. Oh, and the smell. I already mentioned it, but I'll mention it again. It was awful. I called H to come take a look. We both started getting concerned. H thought we needed to save some of it to show the pediatrician and that Mazie might have some sort of a urinary tract infection. I was already trying to figure out what I could do with Lucia and Elliott so I could take Mazie the 75 miles to our pediatrician. Well, I went to bathe Mazie off and H changed the other two's diapers. By the time we got back to the nursery, H had figured out that the substance was the innards of Mazie's diaper. We cut open Lucia's diaper to confirm that it was the same stuff. Thank goodness it was and thank goodness the pediatrician's office had not yet opened for me to call.

Here is a picture of Lucia, the foot lover. She slept this way for at least fifteen minutes, holding her foot. Sometimes when I am feeding her a bottle, I will have to take her foot out of her mouth to put the bottle back in. Also, today she was sucking on her foot for so long that when I picked her up the bottom of her foot was puckered, like she had been in the tub too long. It's true.

This picture of Elliott from this week shows him in his fishing rags. This is an outfit our friend Judy gave him. It is our favorite clothing for him right now. He looks forward to the day his Papa Glenn can take him fishing out in that pretty pond.

This is a picture of Mazie showing off her new Bumbo table that Summer and Rachael and Seth sent. She loves it. She likes for me to put toys on her table so she can nudge them off so I can put them back on so she can knock them off so I can put them on, ad infinitum. Mazie has done well on the breast milk this week. She has received half an ounce once a day since Monday and has not had an episode. Tomorrow I will up her to a full ounce once a day for the next week.

The children continue to interact with one another. The two photos below show Elliott and Lucia laughing at one another. We love to watch them interact and always step back and let them communicate with one another whenever they are in the mood.

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GrandPa said...

Oh My...they bring tears of joy to my eyes...miss seeing their development...but thankful their Mama's are willing to share them thur the blog and take the time to post such revealing pictures.... thank you; love you all, G'Pa and Linda