Monday, January 12, 2009

All Call

On our trip to Kentucky, during our closer-than-normal quarters, H noticed that the babies have a call they do at night to make sure the others are still there. It sounds like the word doll without the lls at the end. One will call it out, and if another is still awake they will answer with the same sound. Now that we have noticed, we realize they do it during most naps and every night. It is sort of like they are checking in with one another.
This weekend H and I rearranged the nursery. We were so excited. Some things needed changing--we couldn't see Mazie in her crib, Lucia figured out she could turn the lights on and off--and we decided to tackle it Saturday. This may seem like normal chores to many, but for us it was no small feat. The babes milled about while we got the job done. It felt good to accomplish something just the two of us.
The photos are of the children playing with some of their Christmas gifts.