Saturday, January 10, 2009

Droves and Herds

Perhaps it is the moon's influence, but at our quasi-farm we got six babies within 36 hours: two goats, one Mouflon sheep, and three Barbados black-belly sheep. And, in that group are two sets of twins. Multiples must be in the water around here.

Here is the group from a distance, all hanging out together.
The Mouflon are to the left, the goats to the left of the tree trunk. A black-belly baby is between the Mouflon and goats.
Here are the black-belly twins. The other black-belly baby is back to the left.
Here is one of Verma Lee's babies. Our goats are named, but not the sheep. Don't ask me why. I don't know. Maybe because we have less goats.
Here is Verma Lee with her twins, born earlier in the day.
Here is Big Daddy. He stood by the fence and when Sipsey, our lab, would get too close to the fence, he'd stamp his foot at her.
He is gorgeous, isn't he? So regal.
He's is not someone to mess with.
Here is the black-belly singleton with its mama.
Look at those ears.
Here is the Mouflon mama and baby. This baby was already frolicking about.


WEW said...

Verma Lee's babies look like little lambs. I think I will pretend that they are little lambs. Can we come next weekend so I can play with the baby lambs? Or are they in the Nic U?

Rap Report said...

wow, that is amazing! congratulations! did spring come early this year?

intelligence said...