Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Moment

We watched the inauguration of President Obama with the babies this morning. They paid attention for different portions of the ceremony. I think Ms. Aretha Franklin might have been their favorite. When George Bush and Barack Obama got into the limousine at the White House to travel to the Capitol, Elliott said, "Bye-bye," and he and Mazie kept saying "bye-bye" and waving as the two slowly drove down the driveway and street. During President Obama's speech though, they became more enthralled with Elmo and his story of Cookie Monster.

CNN was doing a collection of photos of President Obama taking the Oath of Office--your own view of the scene. I think they meant those on the Mall in DC, but H and I thought the view of our babes watching their future get brighter was a beautiful shot. Today is a great day for our family and our country.


karen said...

now that is an awesome picture. what a great day. here's to a great future for our babies. avery didn't get to watch but we listened to npr on the way home. see our post. love, your tia

Cappybera said...

I was so happy when you commented on my blog b/c I have been following yours for a while, but have never commented (until now :). Your babies are ADORABLE. I absolutely love this photo.
Steph(aka Cappybera)

AMY said...

This is absolutely beautiful, it gives me goosebumps!! As I listened to his inaugural speech on Tuesday, I thought about LEM & Avery. You are so right, today is a great day for our family and our country! Love you all!

Deirdre Walsh said...

I really love that photo. What a great day and a wonderful snapshot to commemorate it! Deirdre

The Sweetest Bean said...

This picture is fabulous! What a wonderful memory! I had tears in my eyes and was so nervous for him the whole day! I can't believe they sat and watched. The 3 toddlers I was with were all over the place, keeping busy, and making noise. I feel lucky that I even got to see (and hear!) what I did!
PS-Did you do a little remodeling? Is the TV staying?

googler said...