Monday, January 26, 2009


Everyday we are given little gifts if we are quiet enough or attentive enough to notice them. Most of the time these gifts are things we can't touch: an email from an old friend, your son resting his hand on your knee while you read him a story, a pretty sunset. But some times, the gifts are tangible. Last week when the babies and I were meandering in the wagon, this apothocary bottle caught my eye. It was covered in dirt and just laying there on the ground. It says "Bromo Seltzer Emerson Drug Co. Baltimore." Next to it was the piece of broken china. H thinks there was a house in this place (right across the pond from our house) at the turn of the last century. Maybe there will be more gifts to find in this old burried trash pile.
Here is hoping you enjoy your gift today.

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