Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me

That's right. It's time for the newest edition of Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me, version 16.0.

Today, on their sixteen month birthday, we took the babies to the big city for their check up. Their Nana went along with us and we had a good day, our rides to and from the big city timed perfectly with the babies' need to nap (this rarely happens). We also went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, the same restaurant we took the babes to last month. This time we left an even bigger mess, and, therefore, an even bigger tip.

As for the pediatrician, she thought everyone looked good. Ears are all cleared up. Their chests are clear. She is pleased with their developmental milestones and their varied diet. We don't have to go back to see her until the babies' second birthday. And, the babes' favorite news, no more shots for two years!

We discussed our concern over Mazie's weight with her. Mazie has stayed on her same little curve and because of this the doctor says not to worry. She is doing just fine. Failure to Thrive babies do not follow a curve; their weight plots horizontally. Also, they do not reach milestones appropriately. Mazie does not fit either of those characteristics. Though we won't be taking her in for check-ups until September, Mazie will be getting weighed once a month through April for her RSV shots.

So, here are their heights and weights at sixteen months. The percentiles are for full-term babies.

Height: 31" (50%)
Weight: 21# 6 oz (25%)

Height: 32" (50%)
Weight: 23# 10 oz (25%)

Height: 30" (25%)
Weight: 18# 2 oz (<5%)


The Sweetest Bean said...

The babes look like they are growing great! We miss seeing them in person, but enjoy catching up on the blog! I love that you know me well enough to know that I will get my holiday posts up even though they are late!
Also, Seth wanted me to tell you that LEM's ped. needs to talk to his. He wants to know how they got out of a 18 mo. doctor visit and more shots! Talk to you soon and lots of love!

mom/grancy said...

dear ones,

YEA, MAZIE!!! you gained a full pound! that's really good news!

all my love, mom/grancy

jacker said...