Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whatever you call it

loony bin
funny farm
nut house
hoo hoo hotel
the fifth floor

If all my days were days like today, you'd have to come visit me there.

we were having guests for lasagna at six
the dessert i made turned out ugly, not at all my vision for the creation
the dessert leaked a sticky mess all in our deep freeze
lucia did not take a nap--all day
no one took an afternoon nap
lucia was very fussy--all day--due to no nap and fourth molar trying to break through
our well broke down so we had no water from ten am to six pm
therefore not only was I unable to shower, but i also missed my window to get my teeth brushed until suppertime

but the end of the day wasn't so bad

a nice man named steve came to fix our well
the babes went right to sleep
our friends brought good company and flowers
we drank a bottle of wine
i took a hot shower

i'll tackle the sticky deep freeze at a later date.


kelly said...

oh what a day. reading this has reminded me so much of when my children were babies.but looking back now makes me smile as to how we deal as parents with the little bumps in the road we have to is real nice when it all end well.a sigh now is a smile later. love yall

technology said...