Thursday, January 15, 2009

Word Update

Language acquisition is so fun to watch. The babes are really enjoying trying out new sounds and words. They still love to sign, which is becoming more and more helpful as they become more and more expressive. We usually eat bananas at breakfast, rarely at other meals. The other night at supper Mazie was not happy with her food choices. She said "bah" and I thought she wanted her bottle. I told her "No, we don't get a bottle until bedtime." She then said "bah" and made the sign for banana. I said, "Oh, banana?" She got a huge smile on her face and was so happy when I started cutting her up a banana.

Lucia has started saying two syllables. Bye has become Bye-bye and Buh (for her brother Bubby) has become Buh-buh. Lucia also will say "thank you," unprompted when we hand her something. Her thank you sounds like "tie, tie."

Elliott says some words correctly, like "wah" for walk, but he also is making up some words. Like his cousin Avery, he now loves the moon. We have a bright light that shines from the other side of the pond at night. He points to it and says "moon moon." He also points to the moon in the sky and the moon in books and will excitedly say "moon, moon." Except, his word for moon is buh. Being the Southern he is, buh is usually two syllables, occasionally three: "boo-uhh boo-uhh." Also, he loves lights: the lights in the car, the lights on the ceiling. Lights are "cah, cah." Of course, car is also "cah," but he is always pointing when he is telling what he sees.

Mazie is our babbler. Here are things we hear her saying: "guh bah guh bah guh" and "bagel bagel bagel." She spends all awake time in her crib babbling and then babbles throughout the day as well. She does say words, too, like the others. Some of her favorites are "go," "walk" ("wah"), "milk" (mee), and she says "bah" for a lot--Bubby, bottles, banana.

We got to observe something fun with Mazie before we left for Christmas in Kentucky. Mazie had been calling Elliott "Buh" for a while. Then she began pointing to Elliott and asking "Buh?" We'd say "Yes, Bubby." Then she'd point to Lucia and ask "Buh?" We'd say "No, Sister." This went on every morning for about a week. Now she points to Elliott and says, "Buh" and Lucia and says "Si." It was interesting to watch her process that their names were different. These are the things I love observing with them at this stage. Their little minds are always working.

The pictures are of Mazie in her Nana's gloves and ear warmer.