Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Casual Days

We have a nice family in town who hands down some of their triplet attire and accoutrements. Yesterday we spent the day hanging out in these shirts. We didn't dress until 5:30 when we had to go to Nana's for supper. Below are some scenes from our day.

Here is Mazie playing with the babes' new Ladybug Stars Nightlight (Thanks, Grandma). It is her current obsession:
Here is Mr. Serious sporting his new Life is Good hat:
Lucia with brother's stolen hat:
Admiring herself:
Here is Lucia drinking one of her three bottles for the day:
(Just Kidding. The lid in on.)
Thanks for checking in on us. We hope you have a casual, comfortable day soon.


AMY said...

Awww, casual days are the best & those shirts are so appropriate for LEM (j/k)!! Thanks for all the wonderful posts! Love to all!

googler said...