Friday, January 2, 2009

Old Habits

Ah, 'tis the season for reflection and contemplation.

Here is a list of nine (09) habits that I want to work on the early part of this new year.

1) Get Lucia sleeping through the night again (though I know she doesn't feel well and can't breathe out of her nose, I am, nonetheless, exhausted).
2) Elliott wanting to play with toys other than the ones Lucia and Mazie have.
3) I want people, including H and me, to be able to eat a bite or drink a cup of coffee without having the children begging like puppy dogs (just because they look so cute signing more and please doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to consume solid or liquid in their presence).
4) Their multitude of toys being organized and accessible and not in state of disarray.
5) To take number 4 a step further, I'd love for the children to begin picking up after themselves. This is a skill we need to work on with them more. They love to help out when we give them the opportunity and direction, I just need to be more consistent in working with them.
6) Elliott not wanting to eat, tear, and destroy every non-board book in our house. Once he cuts his molars, I'm sure he'll go after the board books too.
7) I'd like for us to go outside everyday the weather is decent.
8) We've fallen out of the eating together routine. I'd like to sit down with the babes at least once a day and eat while they eat. To do this though, requires me to not be lazy: I have to prepare their meal ahead of time. Also, I usually do dishes while they eat. It is a habit I've formed. They love to get in the dishwasher, so emptying and loading it is much easier when they are confined.
9) Finally, I'd like to read a book individually to each of them a day--sitting in my lap, one-on-one time, read a book. We read most everyday, but a lot of times they are playing while I read or they will come sit in my lap, then get up and go do something else. I am going to make more of an effort to grab them one at a time for a short story each day.

I've talked with the children about resolutions and goals and habits, and how it is important to self-assess periodically in life. They've each come up with something they want to work on:

Lucia: Not pulling poopy diapers out from under her bum when I lift her legs up to change her and flinging them and their contents across the room.
Elliott: Not eating every sheet of paper he can get his hands on. (This will work nicely with my #6 above.)
Mazie: Not sticking her finger up her nose in public, especially in front of the preacher.


mom/grancy said...

dearest ones,


those seem like very good resolutions to make - especially the ones for lucia and mazie!

my love to each of you all the way to the moon and back, mom/grancy

GrandPa said...

We just have one thing to say: "GOOD LUCK!!!!:))"
You are terrific will happen....luall, NanaLin & G'Pa

AMY said...

You & Holly have the most amazing, well-behaved, loving children that Bill & I have EVER had the privilege of being around!!!

I especially love the goals the children set for themselves. Just think, you'll miss those silly diaper games between you & Lucia when she's potty trained, they grow up so fast...only kidding, I know you won't! And, Mazie & the nose thing will probaby take some work. She will probably start using complete sentences (good) & conjugating verbs (very good) to describe her latest find (not so good) or worse...hand to mouth! Elliot, Elliot, Elliot...he's just 100% boy!

love to you all!!!

Todd and Randi said...

If you are able to accomplish any of these, please let me in on your secret.

Loving Landon said...

we found that pictures of the objects on the basket or shelf that held the toy worked for us in helping Landon pick up....

Just a thought!