Monday, July 7, 2008

The Babies: Ten Months

Happy Birthday to Us! We turned ten months old this weekend. We have been very busy this past month. It seems to our mamas that our development has accelerated since we turned nine months old. We love to play at the dishwasher. We take big baths now. We pull up and sit down with ease. We make one another laugh. We crawl with great speed. We are eating new and interesting foods. We play with new and interesting toys. Mazie claps. Lucia can wave. Elliott can hand a ball to Mama Kate.
As you can see, I had to corral the babies into a crib to get a few photos. I also had to have H help me. It was a crazy game of "make the baby sit down." Finally we just let them stand. I've got two more sets of photos to go to get our twelve months' worth. I don't know how we will do it. Maybe next month I can use a little duct tape.

Our idea this month was to take their photos with some alaphabet bath toys we have--each baby would have his or her initial. It didn't work so well, as you can see.
Ten months has come all too soon. We can hardly believe the one year celebration is just two months away.


mom/grancy (grancie) said...

thanks for all the pix of the 3 and each individually, as well as the updates on what they're doing and their personalities.
great job, as usual.
all my love to each of you 5, mom/grancy

AMY said...

Two months and counting till the big one-oh...It will be "grab n go" from here on out. They are absolutely precious!!! We can't wait to see you all! Much love to all.