Saturday, July 5, 2008

We can hear you laughing

I feel like my life is becoming at times like how you might imagine a sitcom about triplets to go. Yesterday, for example, I was bathing the babies in the big tub for the first time by myself. Stuff was strewn everywhere. Diapers were askew. Elliott was in the pink towel. Babies were crying. I dried Lucia off with the clothes she had worn prior to getting in the tub. During the bath, but more so after the bath, I was talking a lot. I felt as though I was playing ping pong against a highly skilled Chinese champion--and there were three ping pong balls in the air at all times.

"Sit down, Elliott."
"Mazie, don't hit your sister."
"Lucia, get my dirty shoe out of your mouth."
"Mazie. No cords."
"Elliott, don't put your foot in the dookey."
"Oh, Elliott, you just got dookey on your foot."
"Oh, Elliott, you just got dookey on me."
"Mazie, let go of your sister's hair."
"Lucia. Don't bite your brother."
"Elliott, quit playing over by the toilet."
"Mazie, you are okay. It was just a little bump."

You know what I realized. It is always the audience laughing in a sitcom. The characters are never laughing.

I am grateful we never incorporated bath time into our daily routine.

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karen said...

You know - the laughing comes later! One day you will all laugh about these moments. Maybe the laughter should begin when they start dating - you could bring out the pics and stories! Of course, the kids might not laugh then!