Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Millie Moo

Tia Karen and Uncle Jon gave us the book Millie Moo at our Atlanta shower. It has been a favorite of ours from the very beginning. The book has various circles filled with fabric for the reader to touch.

We have recently moved the books down to floor level so the babies can "read" whenever they want (this may not last too long as we have several injured books now). This video is one of the first times they pulled out the book to read and feel on their own.

I like this video because it show several different things:
Mazie waving and clapping and saying "uh oh."
Lucia and Elliott arguing over who gets to touch the fabric (watch her swat his hand away).


AMY said...

This book has the Montessori "touch" written all over it...love it!

Lucia was standing her ground when Elliot wanted his fair share, Mazie was just happy to be a part of it all! So cute!!!

love to all,

Todd and Randi said...

We love Millie Moo too! But I'm afraid I don't know all the cute rhymes that you do.