Monday, July 21, 2008


I've stopped saying certain things are good or bad when referring to the babies. It is no longer, "Yes, they sleep well," or "The babies are great eaters." Now I am using the word phase, because, as we have learned, repeatedly, things change so quickly. Sleeping can be going great on a Tuesday and Thursday evening you find yourself unable to keep up with the aerobic workout of running among the three backs you have to rub so no one has a meltdown. So, now, we are in phases. We are in a good sleep phase right now. Mazie is in a picky eating phase.

Another phase we are entering is the climbing phase. Elliott has started hiking his leg up as though he is wanting to climb onto things, like the fireplace hearth. Now that Elliott is in a climbing phase, I am in a not-happy-to-be-entering-the-climbing-phase phase.
Yes, he fell off the dishwasher door soon after I snapped the bottom photo. No he did not get hurt.

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AMY said...

Lil' E is definitely all boy!!! Love it!