Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yesterday we had our first word object association. I am not a baby expert, so I don't know where this skill falls in terms of age appropriate development, but it was a neat thing to see happen. Mazie and I have been playing a lot of ball lately. Since I am not very adept with babies in general, I pay close attention to recommendations other parents give us. Seth had these great balls at the beach, so I bought them for Avery and our babies. Mazie and I love to play with them. We roll them back and forth to one another. I say and sign ball to her while we play. It has been our favorite thing to do lately.

Yesterday I was sitting on the floor with the babies. None of us were really doing anything specific. Mazie and I had not just been playing ball. One of these sensory balls was out of my line of vision hiding behind a Tonka truck, but she could see it. She made a few sounds that sort of had a B sound, though she wasn't trying to say ball. (We certainly aren't there yet.) But, when I heard her say something like B, I said, "Ball, Mazie. Did you say ball?" She reached behind the truck and picked up the ball and held it up for me to see.
I was very excited, this being our first time where a baby has clearly associated a word with an object. Mazie was not as impressed with herself as I was, as she put the ball down and went back to doing her thing.
I have tried a few times to get her to replicate the feat, but she seems bored by my pleas. She will only look over at the ball, as if to say, "It's right there, go get it yourself."


AMY said...

Awesome!!! She really was saying "ball" in her own baby language...she is probably thinking we all talk weird since we don't say it like she does...hehe

Love to all,

Loving Landon said...

landon loves those balls - you will soon learn that they have words that no one but you will understand - landon says 'dagdag' for doggie....very cute - glad all is well...