Monday, July 7, 2008

Elliott: Ten Months

Happy Birthday, Elliott K. At ten months, you have six teeth and a bit of very blond hair. At the crown of your head, you have a cowlick that makes your hair stand up.
You are very cautious with people. You like to observe and hang back until you feel comfortable with them. While you like to have fun, you can have a serious demeanor when meeting new people.
You love to make your sisters laugh. They think you are so funny. You laugh and lunge at them to get them to laugh back at you. They also love to follow you around when you strike out to a different part of the house.
You rarely sit still. You will occasionally sit a play with a toy, but not for very long. Usually you would rather be standing or crawling or pulling up.
You love to be read to, enjoying any book that anyone will read you.
You are quieter than your sisters, but you do enjoy babbling. It is like you are just talking away to yourself.
Happy happy birthday, Little E.

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