Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We are collecting our fair share of scrapes and bruises and, as shown on poor Lucia's arm above, teeth marks. I think Lucia did the scraping of her own knuckles, below, but we can't be sure.
Elliott hit his eye on a cast iron rooster, as evidenced below, cut his lip on the corner of a wooden box, and bruised the top of his foot when he turned a small wooden bench over on himself--all this today before noon.
Mazie's goose egg is not showing up so well, but she slipped on some water outside the tub Sunday morning and hit above her right eye on the claw foot of the claw foot tub.
We are sure that lots more marring is to come as the babies are starting to stand without assistance and walking is only a few months away.

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AMY said...

Can you even begin to imagine the tumbling we went through during those times? They are even cuter with all the "battle wounds" (not that I want them to continue to fall and 'what not' for the benefit of cute pictures)...but, they are the most amazing, beautiful, little babies that I have ever seen (cousin Avery is right there at the tops with them!)...let the play begin! "Grab 'n' go" is in your very near future.

Love to all,