Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bathing Together

While at the beach we began bathing the babies without their kiddie tub. They had begun to hate having to sit back in the little plastic tub; they much prefer to sit up and splash around. So, once home, we plopped them all in the big tub* together. They loved it. They move around, pick up bath toys to put in their mouths, and examine the faucets and drains.
As you can see from the picture immediately below, we were bad parents and did not have a faucet cover. With the first big tub* bathing, Elliott hit his head on the faucet and Lucia scraped her eyelid on the faucet. (Hmmm, how did we avoid knocking our noggins when we were children? It wasn't because our parents covered the faucet.) So, when H and I were in Mobile the next day we bought one of those rubber covers to shield the babies from injury. The next picture is of Lucia meeting her kind and helpful friend for the first time. She was quite taken with him and quite appreciative of his role in her life.

The remaining pictures are of Mazie and then the three in the tub*. Notice in the last picture how Lucia is once again gazing lovingly at her new protector.

*I feel compelled to tell you that our tub is not dirty, as it appears to be in the photos. H and I love old things. We like to call them antiques. This tub was upside down behind the shed in Papa Glenn and Nana's yard for about twenty years before we claimed it for our own claw foot tub. I have horrible memories of scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing this tub on the porch during the summer we moved into our house. There is no more dirt that will ever come off of this tub.
Despite its lackluster appearance in photos, this is the greatest tub I have ever had. The back of the tub is at the most comfortable angle. Its slant is perfect for leaning back and relaxing for large periods of time. (Not that I have done this in well over a year, but I remember those times fondly.)


nancy helton said...

dear ones,

when i started reading this entry, i remembered that i had a faucet cover for you that hadn't been sent since you weren't using the big tub yet. they are just growing up too fast!

i've been meaning to tell you that the month birthday cupcakes started with YOU. i made them for you on each of your month birthdays just like you are doing for the triplets. HOWEVER, i did not make such fancy and delicious ones for you. sorry!

do you have the picture of you eating your first birthday cake - covered in chocolate? if not, let me know so that when i find the pictures of you as an infant and toddler i can get you a copy?

do you remember that picture? it always brought a smile to my face. in fact, just thinking about it now brings me joy and makes me smile.

you won't remember, but the kochs came over to help us celebrate. then later you that evening you got a fever of over 103 (no degree sign) degrees. you had your first visit to the er.

it really scared me - at that time 104 degrees was the number that was supposed to be able possibly to cause brain damage. 103 was just too close to 104 for comfort. your sister tells me that number of possible danger is now higher.

remember that i love all 5 of you very much, mom/grancy

p.s. please give lucia, elliott, and macie lots of hugs and kisses from their grancy. i miss y'all.

AMY said...

How did we all survive without those handy dandy faucet covers? Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures and stories. I can't wait to chase after those adorable little children. Much love to you all!