Monday, July 7, 2008

Mazie: Ten Months

Happy ten month birthday, Mazie Bell. You have five teeth. You are getting more and more hair on top of your head and it all stands straight up. We call you our little spring chicken.
You are very cautious with new people, but after a while you warm up and give them smiles. You are very loving. With people you know, you like to be close to them.
Your favorite way to spend your time right now is by sitting and smiling and clapping.
You like to eat, but not as much as your sister and brother. You seem to get full faster and tire of our eating sessions, but if the Yo Baby yogurt comes back around you will jump back in.
Mazie, you love animals so much. You will look out the windows at the dogs and smile. You will chase Vincent all around the room. You squeal with excitement when you see any of the animals.
You have begun to babble and talk to yourself more and more. Just in the past few days you have started imitating sounds, most frequently "uhh oh." You love to blow air against the leather chair's arm or against my arm to make sounds. You also love to make funny sounds by breathing air in.
Happy happy birthday, Mae Mae.

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Todd and Randi said...

These babies get cuter by the day!! Hoping to see them and you and H very soon.